May-Jun 2017


Public Housing, Hong Kong


Apollo Tyres Global R&D Center


Banjarejo Market


Suasana Putrajaya
by Dr Zalina Shari


Atlas Hotel in Hoi An


Maison T


Mar-Apr 2017

Tangshan Organic Farm




Rajasthan Solar Processing Zone


Previously Published Projects

Jan-Feb 2017
Neeson Cripps Academy

The architects wanted to build a learning compound with interactive and flexible gathering spaces. Much of the ground level will be left open to provide a sheltered space with a visual connection to a large courtyard garden—this seeks to maximise natural lighting and lessen the school’s vulnerability to flooding.

Jan-Feb 2017
The International School of Kuala Lumpur

Designed to be Malaysia’s first school to achieve the Green Building Index (GBI) Platinum rating, the new campus of the International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) is currently being constructed on a 26-acre site in Ampang Hilir and expected to open in August 2018.

Jan-Feb 2017
Institute for Integrated Learning in Management Campus

Contextually responding to its harsh local microclimate, the project was conceived to fortify itself from the external environment and create a relevant oasis-like internal environment. This resulted in the inward-looking morphology, with a high thermal mass on the outer faces that blocks out the hot winds predominant in the region.



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