Products (2008)

4Q 2008
Riciclantica is a kitchen designed to have a low impact on the environment. Thanks to research into the application of special innovative technologies, the Riciclantica door respects the four basic principles of eco-friendliness: minimum consumption of raw materials and energy; durability; recyclability; and non-toxic finishes.


3Q 2008

Renewable Energy Solutions from Conergy

Amidst depleting natural resources, soaring energy prices and greater environmental consciousness, builders and developers are beginning to realise the benefits of using renewable energy.


3Q 2008

Inspired by Nature

3form has come up with the innovative Varia system—a panel system made from ecoresin. Ecoresin is the only translucent, co-polyester sheet material to contain a significant amount of recycled content while maintaining core physical properties. Non-toxic, it is also GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality-certified. 


2Q 2008

Philips Ambiscene

Philips AmbiScene is a flexible lighting concept designed to help retailers create inspiring and meaningful shopping experiences for their customers. A key feature of AmbiScene is its adaptability: used mainly for shop window displays, the lighting can be adapted to support and enhance different themes, collections, displays or promotions.


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