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May-June 2014

Door Hardware

Fusion offers an extensive collection of door hardware that can be integrated into an array of rooms, homes and spaces. It is custom-designed and built-to-order, ensuring that each piece will fit in wherever it is placed.

The Fusion brand also provides a personal and responsive customer experience. The team is always accessible to work directly with customers to identify the door hardware they need, or assist them in creating the one they have envisioned, down to the exact design, finish and function.



Silicone Seal

Dow Corning’s 123 Silicone Seal is a preformed silicone extrusion. It can be bonded to a wide variety of substrates using the 795 Silicone Building Sealant or 791 Silicone Weatherproofing Sealant. In renovation projects, the product can be applied over failed sealants, spanning over the joint and eliminating the need for caulking and sealant removal. In new construction, it can be easily adapted to difficult design and field conditions.

Dow Corning Corporation
T +86 21 3899 5336  



Designed and developed by Newform, Linfa is a new single control mixer collection with eco-friendly features that generate water and energy savings. Packaged in environmentally-friendly materials, the product undergoes germ prevention and PWP (pure water process) treatments to prevent nickel and lead from being released into the water.

Viva Nueva Pte Ltd
T +65 6744 6938



LEDSpot by Vossloh-Schwabe is series of LED modules with high-powered LEDs and different optic attachments. Equipped with a reflector, heat sink, leads, and an optional plug, the LED modules can be used in lighting fixtures, marking pathways, stairs, shop designs, and advertising. They are an ideal replacement for MR16 halogen lamps as flexible snap-in fasteners make it quick and easy to exchange the halogen spots. The circular or square metal frames of LEDSpot are available in white, silver or silver-brushed finishes.

Vossloh-Schwabe Pte Ltd
T +65 6275 7533




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