Products (2016)

Nov-Dec 2016
BeckryFluor industrial coatings are best suited for roofing, cladding and aluminium façades. This range of fluorocarbon coatings comprises Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 brands of polyvinylidene difluoride (PVdF) resin with selected inorganic pigmentation that is proprietarily formulated by Beckers Group. It provides a distinctive finish and long-lasting protection for building envelopes.
Nov-Dec 2016
Most modern houses have a low pitch roof design, commonly known as flat roof, and is regarded as contemporary, stylish and minimalistic. The new Monier Horizon 8 roof system offers the complete solution for this model, delivering the lowest pitch level in the market at only 8 degrees.
Nov-Dec 2016
Pentair Aquatic Systems manufactures and provides cutting-edge pool equipment and accessories that are suitable for both residential and commercial projects. LED lights from Pentair are significantly more energy efficient than traditional incandescent and halogen pool lights.
Sep-Oct / Nov-Dec 2016
BESPOKE is a furniture system that brings style to the bathroom, comprising a collection that is versatile and conventional, yet contemporary in design. A modular system that ensures freedom in customising, it has various types of cabinets and sink units that can reach up to a height of 210 centimetres.
Sep-Oct 2016
KEUCO’s EDITION 11 is a bathroom concept that comes with intelligent features and well-designed accessories and fittings. The comprehensive assortment includes washbasins, bathroom furniture, mirror cabinets and light mirrors, all designed by Tesseraux+Partner and made in Germany.
Sep-Oct 2016
Atticus White is a new marble that is exclusively available from Hot Spring Stone Pte Ltd. It is suitable for walls, floors and countertops in living and dining spaces as well as bathrooms.
Sep-Oct 2016
The façade from Schùˆco is not only a building envelope, it is also a platform that involves mechatronics. With the new cable guidance system, cables can now be installed reliably and efficiently.
Jul-Aug 2016
EDITION 400 is a bathroom concept that allows for customisation of design. The range includes an exclusive washing area with a washbasin and vanity unit, and is available upon request as a custom solution or freely combinable side units.
Jul-Aug 2016
Pentair Aquatic Systems is a global one-stop manufacturer of swimming pool equipment and accessories with high-quality, efficient and long-lasting products. The company provides the latest energy-saving pool equipment to top commercial and residential projects.
Jul-Aug 2016
BESPOKE is a furniture system that brings style to the bathroom, comprising a collection that is versatile and conventional, yet contemporary in design.
Jul-Aug 2016
Making full use of its flexibility, Jonite’s customisation and design services allow grate panels to create bold and inventive concepts that reflect the creative freedom of landscape architects and designers.
May-Jun 2016
FLUMOOD is a composite material comprising mainly of aluminium hydroxide and synthetic resins with a small percentage of styrene. It is non-toxic and harmless to people, animals and the environment.

May-Jun 2016
The new Monier Horizon 8 roof system offers the complete solution for a low pitch roof design, commonly known as flat roof, delivering the lowest pitch level in the market at only 8 degrees.

May-Jun 2016 / Mar-Apr 2016
Seeking to become a global leader in the architecture and design sector for both indoor and outdoor spaces, Cosentino has created Dekton, a new ultracompact surface that is ideal for designers and architects worldwide.

May-Jun 2016 / Jan-Feb 2016
With an ever-evolving urban landscape, there are greater demands for building design and construction to become more advanced. Hence, it is vital that the coatings of façades, roofing and wall cladding provide additional durability.

May-Jun 2016
Mapei offers complete systems to spa baths and swimming pools that are able to withstand the test of time and atmospheric agents.

May-Jun 2016
In 2013, SMG New Orleans initiated the recoating project of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans: Kymax coating (a thin-build elastomeric coating) was selected for its properties to resist the build-up of dirt and bacteria growth, retain its reflective value and colour, and offer protection against severe weather conditions in New Orleans’ hot and humid environment in a downtown urban location.

May-Jun 2016
Jonite’s latest product is created from the same natural aggregates used to manufacture their existing line of hardscape products.
May-Jun 2016
As a global leader in pool and spa equipment, Pentair has made a commitment to develop and offer environmentally friendly products. The Eco Select brand offers energy-efficient pool equipment systems with peak performance, reliability, convenience, easy maintenance and a long service life.
May-Jun 2016 / Sep-Oct 2016
Bioclimatic solutions are passive cooling systems that architects can use to protect buildings from the heat and aggressive weather conditions in tropical climates.
Mar-Apr 2016
More than just a 3D version of CAD, BIM is a key technological innovation that can help Asia’s burgeoning architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sector become more productive and sustainable, especially on large-scale commercial and infrastructure projects.

Mar-Apr 2016 / May-Jun 2015
Zirconwood is a form of thermally modified timber. First developed to improve the durability and performance of softwoods, it has recently been extended to boost the performance of hardwoods, allowing certain timbers to be used externally with no
additional protection.

Jan-Feb 2016
Some of the in-house products manufactured by DDG Glass include heatstrengthened glass; tempered glass; heat-soaked glass; insulated glass; laminated safety glass; anti-bandit glass; laser-engraved glass; painted glass; and patterned glass. They also supply glass products that enhance energy efficiency, such as low-emissivity (low-E) glass, solar control glass and digitally-printed glass.





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