Sep-Oct 2013

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Sep-Oct 2013
The Good Office | Beyond checklists and rating tools
This issue we explore the idea of what bigger urban workforce and bigger buildings mean for the modern office worker, and what makes a good office space now. Our Main Feature writer Miriel Ko looks at a new era of the healthy and productive workplace, one that goes beyond satisfying rating tools and scoring high IEQ marks at the outset; one that emphasises bringing nature indoors, and allowing the worker direct adaptability and maintenance of his work area.
Not surprisingly, the United Nations has designed and built the good office building; we found two of theirs in Copenhagen and Nairobi respectively. In Japan, they have found a way to fuse urban farming with an office building with delightful results. Point 92 in Malaysia is a stunning piece of architecture that marries environmental sensibility and aesthetics.
Perhaps the key to a happy and productive workplace, in a Green-rated office building, ceteris paribus, is to allow employees the freedom beyond the boxed-in cubicle, enabling manipulation of their own space, while incorporating nature indoors.


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