Nov-Dec 2013

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Nov-Dec 2013
Marking Time | 2013 Year-End Issue

To align with the theme of marking time in our very first year-end issue, we have decided to compile a series of look-back reports: two by Green Building Councils describing what they have been up to (World Green Building Council and Green Building Council Australia), and two by guest writers who look at Indonesia and Vietnam.

Keeping with the spirit of looking back, FuturArc correspondent, Jalel Sager, catches up with David Gottfried, the co-founder of the US and World Green Building Councils. In the 90s, David helped launch what is perhaps the most influential rating tool in the market today: LEED. He talks about how and why it was conceived and how rating tools are a force for good, despite the many criticisms levelled at them.

Other projects in the issue are some of the more interesting to come out of Asia lately. The FuturArc Showcase—Green Energy Laboratory in China—reveals a sophisticated climate-response strategy. Its double skin consists of a perforated external façade—looking highly crafted even though it is mostly prefabricated—and an inner, sealed envelope. The Tea House-Bamboo Courtyard, also in China, poses a similar duality except that here, the outer skin is fixed and made of rough-cut bamboo. Another interesting project is the Dai Lai Conference Hall in Vietnam, which uses bamboo as well, paired with natural stone and thatch roofing, all common to vernacular buildings of that region. All three projects speak of how Green might be embedded in local conditions, without surrendering the desire to be contemporary. Greening here is an act of reinvention, of applying what we know in new and different ways.



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