Mar-Apr 2013

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Urban Edition | Looking Back, Peering Ahead, Four Asian Cities, 10 Years; Are Eco-Cities Ecological?
Asian cities are growing fast. Too fast. But we know this already. We also know that the same forces driving the creation of urban wealth are the ones that make city living difficult. The result is urban fragmentation and the widespread destruction of old neighbourhoods. The solution, according to some, is a rethink of how cities are designed.
In this Urban issue, we asked Judith Ryser—an urban expert based in the UK—to probe the idea of an eco-city, to ask hard questions of projects that say they are ecological. She critiques 10 self-professed eco-cities in Asia, based on what they say on paper they will do. Her verdict is not optimistic. 
Also, instead of reporting on large projects that adopt the prefix ‘eco’ (except for ones that Ryser discusses), we look at four existing Asian cities through the eyes of four experts who live in them. They were asked to describe how and why their city changed in the last decade.


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