Jul-Aug 2013

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Jul-Aug 2013
The Factory | Designing for Industrial Processes
Industry has a bad reputation in Asia. There are too-frequent reports of compromised safety and unconscionable pollution at factories and industrial parks. Industrial production has had a profoundly negative impact on people, not just the ones inside the development but also the public at large. True, industry brings in jobs and raises GDP but at what expense? 
In this issue we find that Asia is not without its share of the well-tempered industrial building. MAS Intimates Thurulie in Sri Lanka goes beyond obligations of safety or LEED certification with the goal of creating a humane work environment, and to render a genteel ecological touch on the project site. Tony’s Farm near Shanghai uses shipping containers and recycled materials. Both see an infusion of light and air into the core of its architecture. 
This issue also features examples of corporate socialism. A steel producer in India builds the cleanest city of the sub-continent. Life for residents of Jamshedpur became better, not worse, for having heavy industry in their midst. The town, now entering its 11th decade, is held up as a beacon of corporate social responsibility.


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