Jan-Feb 2013

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Housing Asia│Negotiating private and shared space
It’s been four years since we last devoted an entire issue to housing. In 2008 we asked what ‘home’ meant to Asia. That same question has since multiplied many times over becoming a numbers game of immense proportions. To give us a sense of this, Chang Jiat Hwee talks of the changing Asian city. The question, he asks, is what—as Asian cities densify and expand—is to be shared? Compared to what we found four years ago there are some significant (albeit tentative) steps forward for Asia. But these are far from enough. To give us perspective, Jalel Sager takes us to the Greenest of lands: California. Californian codes are the most stringent in the US (probably the world). Here he finds several developments that go further than most; their owners speak of sharing their abode with the planet. The battle between the personal and the political is fought on the fringes of mainstream Green. We hope this will get you, our readers, thinking of what is happening in our backyards.
2013 marks a new beginning for us at FuturArc. This is our first bimonthly issue and you can now catch us 6 times a year.


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