4Q 2012

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The Futurarc Interview
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Nature as Spectacle
The Role of Architecture in Responsible Tourism
EarthCheck: A Sustainability Certification System for the Tourism Industry
From Bawa to WOHA: Redefining the Tropical Resort in the Age of Sustainability
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Resorts + Hotel
Until we started to research this issue, few of us realised just how divided the hospitality sector is on the question of Green. There are, for instance, fewer urban hotels striving for Green than resorts that seek the same. What makes resorts much more likely to act than their urban counterparts? And why do some do it better than others? Rachel Dodds’ article examines these questions.
Seeking to better understand these issues, the editorial team travelled to several properties in Sri Lanka owned by the Jetwing Group where we met with consultants, operators and managers. Check out the FuturArc Showcase for coverage of the properties we visited which includes Jetwing Vil Uyana, a man-made wetland resort located on ground previously used for slash-and-burn agriculture and Jetwing Lighthouse, a project designed by Geoffrey Bawa, the late master of Sri Lankan architecture, which has undergone retrofit.
In the FuturArc Interview, we speak with Wang Shu of China, 2012 Pritzker Prize Laureate, who shares with us the state of Architecture in his homeland. This is our last quarterly issue, so don’t miss it.


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