4Q 2011

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Garden Extension
Carving Out a Green Space
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The FuturArc Interview
Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, ETH Zürich
In Conversation with Eva Malmström Shivdasani
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Truth be told, our love for things natural is a well-worn, somewhat frayed, idea in Architecture. The Modern movement, at its point of inception over a century ago, was an attempt at (re)connecting us with the natural world—light, air, sun—underpinned by the notion that all buildings should address biological and social needs (what we now broadly label as Wellness).
In this issue, we look at a number projects that have blurred the boundaries, between the indoors and outdoors. The India Glycols office building is a new corporate headquarters in Noida, New Delhi, India that unlike its boxy, central-service core neighbours, is a series of stacked narrow plan-depth blocks that is all about courtyards, light, greenery, terraces and views. The Maximum Garden House in Singapore is a suburban home that strategically stretches the garden from ground onto roof, via an intricate interlocking of indoor-outdoor spaces. Both projects approach form and spatial planning with the idea that the best interior is really the outdoors. In the Main Feature, Jalel Sager looks at the concept of biophilia and makes the case that buildings must link up with natural systems, reconnecting us to our natural selves.



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