4Q 2009

Architecture of Well-being
When we sat down to deconstruct the notion of well-being, that most elusive of words, we knew that part of the problem is this disconnect between what designers think is comfortable and what a building’s occupants expect. Apart from calibrating comfort, we need to revisit the fundamentals of passive design against changing lifestyles. FuturArc speaks with Wong Mun Summ and Richard Hassell of WoHa Design in The FuturArc Interview and discover that architects walk a line, as it were, between responsible passive outcomes and occupant preference for mechanical cooling. Another aspect of well-being is wellness. This issue is filled with projects, from healthcare facilities, temples and churches to resorts and sports amenities, each with its own take on what wellness means.
The FuturArc Showcase is a project we think best exemplifies the union of mind, body and soul. It features a small community project in the rugged terrain of Bhutan that seeks to connect its occupants, a community of novice monks, with their inner selves—tradition, culture and community—and an external reality—land, climate and activity.
Table of contents
Project News
Art in a Park
Making Waves
A Little Piece of Haven
A Space for Prayers
The Futurarc Interview
Partners, WoHa Design
Futurarc Showcase
A vision of well-being, inspired by the children of the mountains.
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