3Q 2012

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Green Issue
Each year the 3rd quarter issue becomes, in a sense, an act of pulse taking. Based on what is in this issue this year, it's safe to say that there is a perceptible shift in how stakeholders in the region are valuing Green.
In the FuturArc Showcase we highlight two winning residential projects from the FuturArc Green Leadership Award—Singapore's 36BTrd and Malaysia's S11 House. Both houses attempt to be as self-sustaining as possible in terms of using renewable resources and energy efficiency. In The FuturArc Interview we have two leading voices from China and India—Yu Kongjian and Ashok Lall—who talk of challenges faced by their respective countries.
The argument that there is something else out there, beyond conventions of Green, is iterated in our Main Feature. In Dr Nirmal Kishnani's article on the gap between Green and Sustainable—two used words that are incorrectly used interchangeably—he discusses what this misconception means in the Asian context. This issue is also where you will find this year's winners of the FuturArc Green Leadership Award and FuturArc Prize.


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