3Q 2011

Green Issue
The Green issue first appeared four years ago, padded with a back-of-magazine supplement in which we listed winners of the FuturArc Prize (FAP). The competition had been launched in 2007 as an Asia-wide platform for Green design ideas. This supplement later doubled in size when it was expanded to include the FuturArc Green Leadership Award (FGLA). The Green issue is, to be semantically precise, our Green Awards issue.
We celebrate vision and leadership here with provocative ideas and buildings. This year, we have a terrific crop of projects from the FGLA which make up the bulk of the content. Two are strong enough to make it to the FuturArc Showcase: Khoo Teck Puat Hospital in Singapore and the Suoi Re Multi-functional Community House in Vietnam. Their search for community and individual wellness is—here we concur with the competition judges—simply remarkable. They remind us that, all said and done, the human condition is what it’s all about; that and a healthy respect for the environment.
Also check out the FuturArc Interview with Manit Rastogi, founder of Morphogenesis, a design practice based in New Delhi, India, that has become internationally recognised for works that blend architecture and urbanism.
Table of contents
Project News
Garden in the City
Tech Village
New Green Annex
The FuturArc Interview
Managing Partner, Morphogenesis
FuturArc Showcase
In Conversation with Winy Maas
Green Building: Poised for Take Off in Asia
Special Supplement 2011


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