3Q 2010

Green Issue
As editorial content goes we are pleased with this one; it is packed with—as we like to call them—‘projects with punch’. These are more than buildings; they offer us a point of view on what it means to be sustainable in Asia.
This bumper crop of projects comes, in part, from the newly launched competition: the BCI Green Design Award. This Award, in its first year of competition, was an open call for submissions of recently completed projects in Asia and Australia. In the emerging milieu of submissions there appear to be two schools of thought on the ‘what and how’ of Green design. The first is that of assertive technology; of deep energy cuts and carbon emissions. The other speaks of local sensibility—climate, materiality, community—of ‘making more with less’. The new Award is sibling to the more established FuturArc Prize, now in its third year.
Also check out the FuturArc Interview with Amory Lovins. Lovins, for anyone unfamiliar with the Rocky Mountain Institute at which he is Chairman and Chief Scientist, is a thought leader and visionary on the subject of energy.
Table of contents
Project News
Green Office Buildings
Wind at the Top
The Futurarc Interview
Chairman, Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute
Futurarc Showcase
Two winning projects from the BCI Green Design Award 2010.
Special Supplement 2010
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