3Q 2009

Green Issue
The Green issue last year was a milestone. It was our biggest bestseller to date and was well received internationally. This year, there was no shortage of projects vying for coverage. However, we’ve obliged every submission to FuturArc to align to a common definition of Green with reporting on consumption, waste, occupant well-being, etc. Granted, this is the lexicon of Green rating tools and sometimes the answers are fuzzy, but it is a start. In the projects featured, there is a serious attempt to quantify outcomes.
Green is also no longer synonymous with soulless architecture. The FuturArc Showcase features The Centre for Sustainable Energy Technologies in Ningbo, China, in which form is deeply rooted in performance. We also speak with Maria Atkinson, Global Head of Sustainability at Lend Lease (The FuturArc Interview) who shares her thoughts on climate change, investing in capacity building and innovation, and connects the dots between policies and profits. In the Special Supplement we feature winners of FuturArc Prize 2009 and the newly launched BCI Asia Top Ten Green Award.
Table of contents
Project News
The Road to ZED
Functional Art Object
Leading to Zero
Going Old School
Main Feature
In tough economic times, will the industry forgo expenses associated with Green development and build cheaply?
The Futurarc Interview
Global Head of Sustainability, Lend Lease
Futurarc Showcase
The lantern-shaped Centre for Sustainable Energy Technologies in Ningbo is a 22-metre-tall beacon of sustainability.
Special Supplement 2009
Showcasing winning entries of: 
Second year running for international Green architecture design competition
BCI Asia Top Ten Green Award 2009 
Inaugural award recognises Green buildings that are built and commissioned


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