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3Q 2008

Green Issue
The reality is that we live in times when, despite compelling evidence and the charms of Al Gore, there is scant action. And so the drum-beating persists until—as Kevin Hydes, Chair of the World Green Building Council, puts it—we reach a point when we are genuinely surprised when someone does not act on knowledge of climate change.
The FuturArc team, for its part, wants to nudge things along; this will be the first of many Green annuals. It features projects that speak of serious attempts at making a difference. We give airtime to experts who speak on subjects ranging from design education to life after fossil fuel. We talk with innovative minds and get insights into collaborative enterprises that are the building blocks of successful greening. 
This issue also covers the FuturArc Prize, which wrapped up in January 2008, with great turnout. The results of this—the first large green building design competition in Asia opened to professionals and students—were subsequently announced at a series of eight FuturArc Forums held for the first time in cities across the region (Special Supplement 2008).
Table of contents
Project News
Children’s Activity Centre
La Estancia Chapel
The Macau Inter-University Institute
TTDI Plaza
Philippine Science High School
Vision City
Ku Bu Qi Desert Park
HOK Offices
Orinda City Hall
Main Feature
A landmark survey of architects and construction professionals
in the Asia-Pacific reveals the present state-of-mind on green
building issues.
The Futurarc Interview
Chair of the World Green Building Council
Futurarc Showcase
The Pearl River Tower in Guangzhou, China, looks set to mark a new milestone in the evolution of this quintessentially urban built form.
In Conversation with Christoph Ingenhoven 
In Conversation with Behnisch Architekten & Transsolar
BCI News 
Milestones & Events
Special Supplement 2008
FuturArc Forum 2008 
Featuring questions and answers from the first ever eight-city conference with industry experts on sustainability
FuturArc Prize 2008 
Showcasing winning designs from the inaugural design competition for green architecture


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