2Q 2012

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Project News
'Ecological Showcase'
Main Feature
The FuturArc Interview
Intelligent Building Management Systems & Green Buildings
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Climate, Materials, Community
We started this issue by examining the notion of the building as a cultural object, as an entity that speaks to its users. Apart from looking at cultural buildings (art galleries, museums, etc.) which have an explicit role as communicators, we also showcase projects that are a bit more everyday (schools, clinics, community centres) which speak eloquently of where they are and what they do. The Binh Duong School on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City and the Primary Healthcare Centre in India are two cases in point.
It would seem from these projects that climatic response, choice of materials and an implicit respect for tradition and craft are important ingredients of how buildings become messengers of where they are. This then is the wider definition of the Green building as a cultural object.
Jalel Sager joins us this issue for Main Feature. He speaks of the inherent tension in what buildings struggle to say as the world urbanises. Cameron Sinclair is the subject of The FuturArc Interview. The work of Architecture for Humanity, which he co-founded, seeks to revitalise the human spirit through design.


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