2Q 2009

Table of contents
Project News
A Garden House Story
Main Feature
A deeper look into the obstacles confronting people’s will to go green in their daily lives.
Futurarc Showcase
How Uplink Banda Aceh guided the village communities to rebuild and redevelop their lives on their own.
Special Feature
A select group of 18 individuals have been quietly (or not so for some) changing the built environment for the better, specifically in Asia-Pacific—find out who they are in our first-ever special People focus.
In Conversation with Ray Cole & Peter Graham
BCI News
Milestones & Events
People are the single most-forgotten factor in the making of Green. Too many buildings, striving for Green Mark or LEED, forget that the core day-to-day issue is comfort and well-being. Getting it “just right” happens when there is awareness and buy-in from people the project serves. In crafting sustainable design, this is absolutely crucial.
We devote this issue to People: allies, collaborators, champions of Greening.
On this, there is the question of public awareness, how this translates to behaviour. Calvin Low digs deep into The Great Green Disconnect, investigating the gap between knowledge and action. We also report on projects that connect communities in this issue. The FuturArc Showcase features tsunami relief efforts—23 villages in Sumatra—and the lessons learnt from reconstructing community life. Lastly, we assemble a list of advocates from the region; people who wrestle with issues of climate change and the human condition. The list is not exhaustive. It is part acknowledgement, part encouragement. It is our first attempt at celebrating people who are making a difference through ideas and actions. There will be more to come.


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