2Q 2008

Remaking Metropolis
Cities—particularly in Asia—seem to expand, morph, multiply and reinvent themselves. In this issue, FuturArc spotlights the City: the team looked at projects that, by scale or strategic importance, are transforming the way we see a city; re-crafting its experience and rebranding its identity. And nothing says 'remake' better than Singapore's new downtown. A large swath of land surrounding Marina Bay will be home to several new developments including the much-publicised Integrated resort, F1 circuit and Marina Barrage. Gardens by the Bay—by far the most original of these—is close to 100 hectares of prime real estate set aside for gardens, a Central Park-like oasis that aims to be the must-see repository of horticulture in the Tropics.
The team also found projects with considerable bite in other cities—Sydney, Macau, Hanoi, Johor and Shanghai—each with a unique spin on our theme 'Remaking Metropolis'.
In keeping with the theme, the FuturArc team has tinkered with the Journal's format, remaking its structure, just a little. Each edition now includes a Main Feature, the FuturArc Showcase, the FuturArc Interview, Feature Projects and a Commentary section.
Table of contents
Project News
New Hyderabad International Airport
Nexus Apartments
Seri Tanjung Pinang
Rasuna Epicentrum
Main Feature 
The race to become the next global city takes more than just
building mega monuments and shiny skyscrapers.
The FuturArc Interview
Singapore's Minister for National Development
FuturArc Showcase
Singapore's Gardens by the Bay plan wows as it endows Singaporeans with an historic and strategic asset.
Feature Projects



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