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Contemplating Consumption
Retail and Greening, it seems, have not integrated well; there are too few noteworthy Green malls in Asia. Vincent Lim's commentary (Mall Madness) goes some way to explaining the void. Writing from the capital of over-the-top consumption, Dubai, he probes the mind of shoppers, their willingness to surrender to the siren's call of opulence and acquisition. Truth is, he tells us, malls are a reflection of ourselves, a mirror into our psyches. We want more; far more than we need. Why then should the mall—pandering to our appetites—settle for less?
This said, there are signs of change. Some retailers in the US—designing their outlets to be day lit—are hoping that occupant comfort will equal, over time, customer loyalty. Some retail chains in Europe (see The Replay Concept) are crafting retail space as an antidote to "modern urban life".
Tying in with the theme of consumption, there are reports in this issue from several recent gatherings: the International Green Building Conference, Singapore, Sustainable Buildings, Helsinki, and the FuturArc Forum and Green Market Exhibition that toured SE Asia and Hong Kong (Special Report).



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