1Q 2011

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Humanising Urban Networks
What connects a city? What humanises it? What makes it more sustainable? Is it just technology and hardware?
There is no shortage of hardware in this issue: train stations, bridges, transport hubs, water purification and district cooling systems. But included are also projects that speak of new software: an infrastructure of green and blue networks in which biodiversity and ecosystems are the desired outcomes. The Showcase features three examples of Green infrastructure—a life support system for the city provided by a network of interconnected natural ecosystems—including The High Line project in New York City, USA; Eco-Boulevard in Vallecas, Madrid; and Henderson Waves in Singapore.
In the FuturArc Interview, we speak with Bill Reed, founding board member of the US Green Building Council who advocates that we uncover patterns of how we inhabit the world. The question of infrastructure is thus less ‘problem solving’ and more ‘pattern reading’.


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