1Q 2010

Table of contents
Project News
Banking on Green
Facing the Heat
A Tall Order
Double Glazing
Transparent Motives
GTower Hits the ‘Green Mark’
Green Living/Dynamic Duo
All Stacked Up
The Futurarc Interview
Director, Arup, UK
The New Workplace
“Work”, as we know it today, has become unfettered by time and place, spilling out of the 2-by-2 cubicle, the 5-day workweek. If tasks associated with work cannot be contained as before, this begs the question: what happens to the workplace?
In their reflections on the evolving workspace, Carlos Montana and Andrea Garcia examine how office interiors have evolved, inside-out, shaping and reshaping the meaning of “workspace”. Looking from outside-in, Calvin Low, in a second commentary, discovers that the office building has its own agenda. It wants to be a landmark, a corporate icon, a “tower of power”, as he calls it. In addition, Tan Beng Kiang revisits Menara UMNO by Malaysian architect, Ken Yeang, and its bioclimatic predecessor, the Mahaweli Building by Sri Lanka’s Geoffrey Bawa. Both buildings were crafted outside-in, with passive ventilation strategies for the office interior.
This issue also features sustainable office buildings and several adaptive reuse projects—a church, a bank, a car park—retrofitted into stylish office interiors.


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