Mar-Apr 2014

Binh Thanh House Wins Building of the Year Award

Binh Thanh House—designed by architectural firms Vo Trong Nghia and Sanuki + Nishizawa—has been awarded the Building of the Year 2014 (House Category) at the 2014 ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards, a peerbased competition. The principal architects behind this project are Vo Trong Nghia, Shunri Nishizawa, and Daisuke Sanuki.

Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, the house was designed for two families: a couple in their sixties and their son’s small family. It is composed of two different spaces positioned alternately. Spaces for modern lifestyle are allocated in three floating volumes wrapped by concrete pattern blocks. Between volumes are two in-between spaces covered by glasses and widely open to the exterior, where the residents enjoy nature. Three volumes are shifted back and forth to bring natural light into the in-between spaces, as well as to create small gardens on each floor. The bottoms of the volumes become the ceilings for the in-between spaces. The surfaces are designed with various curved shapes, providing each in-between space with different light effect. Bedrooms and other small rooms are contained in the floating semi-closed volumes to enhance security and privacy. On the other hand, the open in-between spaces are designed to be independent living spaces for the two families. Pattern blocks, which used to be quite popular in Vietnam to get natural ventilation, are made of precast concrete. While the house looks different from typical townhouses in Ho Chi Minh, all the architectural solutions are derived from the local lifestyle and wisdom. The house, in which modern life and natural life are compatible with each other, offers an interpretation of the ecological lifestyle in the modern tropical city.
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