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Mar-Apr 2017  

Paramit’s Factory in the Forest

by Dr Zalina Shari

This 162,000-square-foot (or 15,050-metre-square) Factory in the Forest is located in Penang Science Park, Bukit Minyak, on mainland Penang. The designers revolutionised the factory typology by creating an architecture that is both astonishing and stimulating for Paramit and its workforce. The result resembles a resort or a research centre more than a factory, in sheer contrast with the rest of the factories in Penang Science Park.

This remarkable Factory in the Forest has set a good example of an industrial architecture in the tropics, worthy of following. The most important lesson that can be learned is that for buildings to be made environmentally friendly, they must respond to their site as well as local climate, culture, architecture and technology. 

On top of that, the spatial and psychological benefits of natural landscape in architecture should not be undermined because the experience of seeing, touching, smelling and hearing the natural elements of green, water, breeze and light in architecture is something that everyone would enjoy and appreciate.

Unsurprisingly, a quick dialogue with the staff revealed that they are happier in this new facility compared to the old one on the Penang Island. Indeed, happiness at work could contribute to improvements in workers’ well-being and their level of productivity.


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