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Jul-Aug 2017  


Oasia Hotel Downtown is a standout example of a new type of tropical skyscraper that seeks to bring flora and fauna into the city. Not only is it an urban retreat for hotel guests, it is also an oasis that brings comfort and nature to city dwellers.

Rising in the midst of concrete and glass, the hotel boasts a distinctive permeable crimson steel façade that encourages biodiversity against an otherwise harsh, concrete backdrop. With butting planters on every storey (a total of 1,793 planter boxes on the façade), the aim is to envelope/wrap Oasia in a layer of green foliage with a variety of bright flowers.

There are 21 species of creepers distributed across the trellis, 
some producing flowers that will attract birds and insects at different times of the year. To maximise their adaptability, the species have been arranged on an elevation that aligns with their preferred growing conditions (amount of sunlight, resilience to wind and growth speed).

The façade is extended down 
to the ground, creating possibilities for small animals (such as squirrels) to scale the building and settle in as a habitat—this brings another dimension to the notion of a ‘living’ building. Together with 33 different species of trees, there are a total of 54 species of plants within the tower that is able to support an ecosystem.

This vegetated outer skin also seeks to transform 
and soften the surrounding landscape by offering visual relief. With the aim of creating a biophilic environment, Oasia’s shell visually and psychologically engages the guests, staff and the occupants of the surrounding buildings.

This hotel bucks the trend of a sealed skyscraper—the architecture allows guests to acclimatise and experience Singapore’s tropical surroundings with internal breezeways and atria, multiple sheltered terraces, sky gardens and vertical greening. It addresses the loss of green spaces in the urban fabric by achieving an overall greenery replacement of more than 10 times the site area.

Embracing living systems of lush greenery and open volumes, the 
building is eco-friendly, humane and liveable.


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