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Mar-Apr 2018

The New Workplace


May-Jun 2017

FuturArc Prize 2017

  May-Jun 2016

We are 10!
Jan-Feb 2016

Reinventing the Mall
By Miriel Ko

Sep-Oct 2015

Earth, Not Energy
By Jalel Sager


Jul-Aug 2015

The Biophilic Office | Reconnecting Nature to the Workforce
By Miriel Ko

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FuturArc Interview

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FuturArc Showcase

Jul-Aug 2017Oasia Hotel Downtown

  Mar-Apr 2017Paramit’s Factory in the Forest   Jan-Feb 2017Beauty in Zero  
Nov-Dec 2016National Happiness Centre   May-Jun 2016Thao Ho Home Furnishings & Environmental Education Center   Nov-Dec 2015Post-war Collective: Community Library  
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Mar-Apr 2017

From Machine to Habitat
by Miriel Ko

  Jan-Feb 2017

The Alchemy of (Sustainable) Design
by Dr Nirmal Kishnani

  Sep-Oct 2016

We Are All Living in a Material World
by Miriel Ko

    Mar-Apr 2016

Asia-Pacific Cities: Smart, But Also Sustainable?
by Grace Chua

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Jan-Feb 2015

In Conversation with Sandeep Virmani
By Bhawna Jaimini
  Nov-Dec 2014

In Conversation with Jamie Dwyer & Erin Leitch

By Dr Nirmal Kishnani
  Sep-Oct 2014

In Conversation with AK Jain
By Bhawna Jaimini
May-Jun 2014

In Conversation with Phillip G. Bernstein
By Erik L'Heureux
  4Q 2012

IIn Conversation with Luke Hughes
By Candice Lim
  3Q 2011

In Conversation with Niclas Svenningsen
By Candice Lim
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