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FuturArc Journal | The Voice of Green Architecture in Asia

From 2019, FuturArc will be aligning itself with changes in both the publishing landscape and reader expectations. We have to keep evolving to remain a critical knowledge-driven magazine, highly engaging and trusted as a source of information for the industry.

FuturArc will become a quarterly publication* (from a bimonthly), with effect from Q1 2019.

Q1 2019: To be released in March 2019
Q2 2019: To be released in June 2019
Q3 2019: To be released in September 2019
Q4 2019: To be released in December 2019

In line with the above change, FuturArc will continue to evolve into a multi-platform content provider to deliver impactful content through our app, (revamped) website and social media accounts to reach a broader target audience. 

Helming the frontline of construction market information for more than a decade, BCI Asia has been bridging the gap between design professionals and suppliers in the construction industry. In collecting information and data over the years, the company has recognised early on the severe impact of building and construction on the natural environment. Thus, in 2006, BCI Asia started FuturArc Journal to advocate for architecture that demonstrates social responsibility and sustainability, as well as to generate discourse to heighten awareness among its research partners and clients.

The Journal’s content is developed along a specific theme in each issue and consists of the following sections:

  • Main Feature – a reflection on the elected theme
  • FuturArc Showcase – includes one or more projects to illustrate the feature
  • The FuturArc Interview – a conversation with a shaper of ideas and doer of deeds
  • Projects – features prominent projects in the region in line with the theme
  • Commentary – provides in-depth discussions of issues relevant to architects today
  • Readers can also look forward to information about latest products and technology, including coverage of conferences, design competitions as well as other architectural events in the Happenings and Products sections

FuturArc’s editorial is gathered by contributing researchers working in BCI Asia’s offices. They tap into brilliant minds in architecture and related professions in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The Journal also has correspondents around Asia and the world to work the ground and report on projects and issues pertinent to Green building and design.

To contact your local FuturArc office, click here.

Beyond Print
While establishing its regional network of like-minded professionals through print, FuturArc Journal is also realising its mission of being the Green voice of architecture in Asia by taking the bigger idea of a ‘greener’ future beyond its pages through the following programmes.

FuturArc Prize | Future Green Building Ideas
Launched in 2008, FuturArc Prize is the first international Green building design competition in Asia open to professionals and students. It aims to trigger continuous change and creativity in the art and science of building design, showcasing innovative ideas and solutions for a sustainable future. With a highly respected international jury and tremendous industry support, the Prize enables Green building design ideas and practitioners to emerge on the regional stage. Winning entries from the competition are published in both the Journal’s annual Green edition and on its website. Year after year, the competition attracts an increasing number of participants from more than 15 countries.

FuturArc Green Leadership Award | Completed Green Projects
Launched in 2009, the FuturArc Green Leadership Award (formerly known as the BCI Green Design Award) recognises the team behind a completed project: the developer, consultants and contractors, who have collectively pushed the limits and definition of what a Green building is in Asia-Pacific. The competition seeks to award teams that have demonstrated the best in innovation and environmental stewardship in architecture.

FuturArc Forum
The Journal hosted two forums in 2008 and 2011. FuturArc Forum 2008 and 2011 were held across seven cities in Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and Ho Chi Minh City. The events gathered experts from around the world who addressed various topics on sustainability and highlighted Green building case studies. Panel discussions and Q&A sessions were also conducted. For more information, contact us at forum@futurarc.com.

About BCI Asia
BCI Asia contributes to construction market efficiency by helping supply and demand find each other. We provide concise information on new projects and building technologies, thereby stimulating progress in design, construction methods and building materials. In 1998, BCI Asia was the first to introduce this service to several Southeast Asian countries: Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia. In the following years additional countries were added to BCI Asia’s portfolio: Thailand, Hong Kong and Vietnam. In 2002, a sister company - BCI Australia Pty Ltd - was founded to cover the Australian market. BCI New Zealand was also started in 2011 to provide crucial construction information, project leads and a powerful online CRM solution to building product suppliers, contractors and related organisations within the New Zealand construction industry. The BCI Group has emerged as the region’s leading construction media group with 25 offices and 250 staff, providing important data daily to thousands of companies involved in the building and construction industry. To find out more, visit BCI Asia or BCI New Zealand.


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